Month: February 2015

5 ways to maximize your annual dinner budget

So, your’re gonna spend so much for your event, why not make the best from it?

On average, clients spend between RM10k to RM100k (luxury) on event decorations. With the GST kicking in ( not to mention below the belt), everyone is looking for avenues to slash on costing or pushing the burden around. Oh well, It’s a normal practice after all.

So, let’s talk a little on how to make the most out of our event. Here are some steps we can use, thrifty yet effective.

1. Use one WOW factor in your event. Only one. Yes one.

Let’s face it, nobody is going to remember everything from your event, let alone after they had a little too much to drink. You really don’t need to have to make every turn a surprise, even though it will be great if you can. If you are on a really tight budget, i would strongly recommend you to have one, really eye catching, photo worthy decor element featured in your event. Let that be the focal point of your event. It can either be the stage backdrop, ceiling decor, or photo op wall.


For example, If you only have that much to spend, go for an extravagant ceiling decor, maybe skip the basic draping such as spider design, go for something worth dropping the jaw for. It’s a little costlier, but hey, it does the work and it does it well. So don’t worry too much now if the rest of your event is boring, people will definitely remember that special ceiling effect and it will be the talk of the month.

2. Harmonize your color mode.

I’ll let you in to a secret, one of a key to a successful event ambiance is the blend of colors. Always settle down to 3 colors maximum, They may contradict, or contrast depending on how skillful your decorator maybe, but always stay within 3. Well unless your theme is out-rightly called colorful theme or some rainbow theme.

I personally always follow a strict ratio of 60% dominant color 20% contradiction 20% accompany.  Example,


Black is the simplest and the most formal to work with. it will be great to flush out the mix colors of ballrooms, ( if you have the budget) if not, dimming down the lights will be your last resort.

Black and white, the safest combination of colors, then touches of any colors to stand out. Here I used light green orchids. It may seem simple enough, but it does take awhile to really get into it,

Even the simplest decor will look elegant because of the way you organized your colors.

3. Double up!

Yeap, doubling up is the way to go. You need an entrance decor and you also need a photo background, so why not combine it both together? A great way to managing cost is to kill two birds with a stone. Another suggestion I frequently share with my wedding clients is to use twig trees as entrance decor, which works well as a wishing tree and also a great photo background!


4. D.I.Y of course

Call it personalizing, Nothing brings out an intimate message better than a D.I.Y decor. There are hundreds of videos and websites which provides step by step tutorial to making hand crafts and arts. Using these as photo areas or table center pieces will definitely help save on costing.


Just for references This video provides basic tutorial on table center pieces, don’t worry about the props or glasses used in the video, these items can be rented at a fragment cost. Simple yet beautiful.

5. Use template designs from Decorators.

Advice for clients who are throwing an annual dinner for the first time, custom make items will always cost more. They will be unique no doubt, but sometimes they can cost you a kidney. Decorators often have a warehouse (sometimes more) load of props. Take sometime to work closely with your decorator and see what can they provide, using existing items will save you a bunch of money.

Most decorators will have existing props for themes such as, Masquerade night, Glitter theme, Oscar night, and Arabian theme as these are the most common theme used.