Month: March 2015

Masquerading your event

Masquerade Themed event

I guess the only way to fully experience the masquerade theme is to personally time travel back to the 15th century itself. So while my minion engineers are still working hard on the time machine, the only way I can help you full immerse into this experience is by ambiance décor.

So what are actually the elements to look for before reconstructing this theme? Of course masks and feathers are the most common not forgetting to mention men is skirts, but what else is there that we can do to transport your event guests back 500 years. Both literally and unrealistically.

Masks, masks and more masks.

Lets deal with the basics first, masks. So we do know masks which are the right ones to use? The Key is use the more glitter the better. Though this might not be historically correct, but it is the most logical one to use. These are some info you can read about. TYPE OF MASKS, Though some of these masks carry a defined meaning then, but they are purely for decorative purpose now.

Is bigger better? Yes and no. Depending on how serious the event is, or how serious your client is, I would keep the masquerade theme classy, while there are some who made it cartoonish. Bigger masks don’t mean fake, it means please watch out on the details on them. Printing on compress foam? Sure why not, just make sure you have the kind of beads or feathers to fit that sized mask.

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Can you imagine how many bald ostriches there will be? Now, there is a thin line before you end up looking alike to a mardi gras parade. Keep a close eye on the colors of the feathers. A simple 3 colors max should do the job. Anything more than that and you will look like an exotic parrot lost in the wrong part of the map looking for your pirate owner. Do you really need to put feather everywhere? Well, honestly unless you have the budget matching the lost treasures, then why not. Keep feathers intimately close to masks. Loose feathers standing alone will not produce much effect, other than the above spoken example.

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Adding a Star

Now to add another star to our event rating, do a simple google search on Masquerade décor, you will definitely see chandeliers. Subtle as they maybe, but they do carry the notion of the 1500s, as electricity isn’t available yet, they relied on candle holders for illumination. These are nice background props that enhance the ambiance, not only for the twinkle flame but also the chandelier itself.

Heart2Heart 13     Heart2Heart 47

Shiny and Glitter.

Overall ambiance lighting should be set to about 40%, preferably colored lighting, not aggressive lightings which has huge beams, but ones that splash out. Subtle purple should be fine. Be reminded that masquerade theme is classy, glitter and reflective elements will be a fine tool to lead your guests to feel that way.


Why the mask?

Well, other than it creates a sense of mystic, it gives a sense of excitement from guessing who is behind the mask. Now we mustn’t forget that, that is the purpose of the mask, other than just being decorative. Try to incorporate this emotion into your décor. The feeling of suspicions can be introduced by semi concealing décor elements, such as chandeliers behind tassel curtains, or twigs behind organza.


Of course there are many more elements to this theme that we haven’t touch on yet, but these basic ideas should be able to help streamline your theme clearly.