Impacting simplicity

Keep it simple, silly!

Or more known as K.I.S.S. But is it really the best? A quote I once heard “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” I think this captures the essence of event making. After all, we want to achieve the best impact with the most cost efficient method in mind.

With that in mind, the following question is of course to drape or not? Before we jump to a quick yes or not to that question, let us understand one of the fundamentals of event making.  Impactful. The key word here is to impact.

Some things are nice to have, while some things are a must have. Not only for drapings, essentially every decision we make for crafting events we have to ask ourselves, is this effective? While of course other considerations do come in the picture.

While you enjoy some of our wonderful works which made a difference in this industry, ask yourself, is my next coming event impactful.


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