Impacting simplicity

Keep it simple, silly!

Or more known as K.I.S.S. But is it really the best? A quote I once heard “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” I think this captures the essence of event making. After all, we want to achieve the best impact with the most cost efficient method in mind.

With that in mind, the following question is of course to drape or not? Before we jump to a quick yes or not to that question, let us understand one of the fundamentals of event making.  Impactful. The key word here is to impact.

Some things are nice to have, while some things are a must have. Not only for drapings, essentially every decision we make for crafting events we have to ask ourselves, is this effective? While of course other considerations do come in the picture.

While you enjoy some of our wonderful works which made a difference in this industry, ask yourself, is my next coming event impactful.


5 Star your event.

The 5 Stars of Annual dinner

While speaking to a client sometime ago, he did make an interesting remark, he said “there will never be a perfect event, only memorable ones”. Now you perfectionists put down your pitchforks and hear me out first. Of course we desire to have everything to be at the best, who doesn’t?! We strive so hard, yet it is so hard to bench mark it. After giving much consideration, we did come up with some basic guiding principles to achieve just that, the perfect event or near perfect at least.

To simplify things, we will just call em, star ratings. Just like hotels and restaurants, if you have a pool, you get a star, if you have silverware for your restaurant, you get a star. So what are the stars for events? Well, there are many types of events to begin with, but we will discuss just for annual dinner types.

The first  Star-Venue.

Picking up a venue isn’t easy, there are so many things to consider. Parking space, seating capacity, available ambiance and picking a 5 star venue cannot guarantee that it will be the perfect location to hold your annual dinner, neither skimping for the cheapest will be best. Be practical; the venue needs to be logistically logic; it also must have supportive sales and banquet team. A pleasant ambiance can be a bonus, but go for a venue which is flexible for event set ups.

Food and Beverage

I tie this together with the venue because most venues do provide foods as part of their service. So far the best I’ve experienced was a custom make semi fine dining, a good fusion menu.  It was a good fusion recipe, custom made for the bridal couple. Venue’s that take the effort to niche down to your needs will definitely be a good choice venue.

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Sound and light, Star two

Recently I attended wedding of a friend, it was held in a typical Chinese restaurant. All was well until they had a special performance by some family members, then followed by the speech by the bride and groom, the only sound we could hear was the clink clanks of cutleries and drunken laughter from neighboring tables. Poorly sound equipping your event is fatal. The point of having an event is not only to enjoy the atmosphere, but also to get a message across, and if that doesn’t happen, the event is deemed meaningless.

House lights are fine, only if you don’t mind having the same lighting throughout your event. Ambiance lighting play a major role in setting the mood, imagine having warm yellow house lights for a deep blue sea theme. It just doesn’t work right?


Star 3, Décor

A masquerade theme will only be a masquerade theme when there are masks, draping, silverware props, and feathers. To truly say that an event is themed is totally reliant on how well your event is dressed up. Imagine going to a supposedly Oscar theme award night and the only thing that lead you to think of it as Oscar theme is the stage backdrop written “Oscar night 2015” in 2 inch styrofoam. It just doesn’t work that way.  The goal is to “transport” your guests to another world.  Some tips to help you figure out this part on a tight budget.

PicMonkey Collage22


Entertainment for the night must achieve the following, it must make your guests, laugh, cry (of happiness of course), wow and clap so hard you have to standby paramedics. Entertainment is considered the peak of emotion in events. Good entertainment should start from the Emcee, assuming this is a fun event, breaking the ice as everyone is feeling awkward in their costumes or unusual dress codes.

While in house entertainments are very much fun and it involves the crowd and allows staffs to show off their talents, don’t forget that they too are your guests for the night. Keep house entertainment to the minimum stress, we want them to enjoy the night as well, let them also be entertained by professionals.

The final Star

The most unnoticed element in events is the scent. Yes, the most subtle, yet so important factor overlooked by even the top agencies. Most 5 star renowned hotels will take care of unpleasant odors, but other venues don’t cover such service. Smell is important as it impacts into the sub conscious mind, a good example is, imagine traveling to the seaside, before your eyes are able to see the actual beach, you can already “smell” it, the sea breeze and your mind has already arrived before your body.

Lucky for us, there are many available room air fresheners that come in a good selection of aroma, ranging from jungle, mountain and even falling star (like seriously? Yes). Give a few presses on these aroma cans before event and let your guests’ noses do some exploring.


Achieving 5 stars for your event is no rocket science, if you noticed we have just properly dealt with the 5 senses of a person. Sight, smell, touch, taste and hearing. Fulfill these basic elements and you will reach into the hearts of your guests

The Minimalist’s event.

“Less is better right?” Err, well sometimes it is. Fashion now is minimalism, simple, clean and tidy. The trend is to “keep it simple”. Most of the time is because of budget constraints and idea limitations. Misconception of this is that, we end up doing things just for the sake of doing it. While I do find a sleek clean cut look seductive, but it has to be done tastefully. Trust me; having nothing is better than having less. It is better to have nothing at all, rather than doing things half heartedly.

Putting the lesson into practice, we shall discuss 5 ways to optimizing the Minimalist Ideology.

  1. Pick a simple theme to begin with.

Go black and white; you can’t go wrong with that. Well actually you can, when you start to think to yourself, “oh there are few shades of blacks and couple tones of white we can play with.” No. The answer is no. Pick ONE black and ONE white then stick with it. Common mistakes we do are we try to be overly creative with simple themes, while being too simple with complicated themes.

  1. Curves or straight lines?

I’m sure by now you’re itching to tweak in ideas here and there. You can, actually. Black and white themes are fun to play with lines and curves. Try not to be all vertical or horizontal lines, less you end up looking like a prison or just exited one, or all curvy lines, then you might look like an oversized zebra.

  1. More black or more white?

Don’t be surprised that one of the either two colors will be dominant. A good ratio will be 60:40. It can be 60% white 40% black or vice versa. Going towards white more will tend to make your event space feel wider, whereas, black will make your room feel cozy. If you have fewer props to play with, go black.

  1. What type of colour lights to use?

White being white, it is extremely sensitive to lighting; it catches and bounces all and any lights. If you do use colored lighting, do be careful, less your black and white theme end up to be a black and some other colour theme. What colour to use then? I normally will NEVER suggest using white lights in events, because it is harsh and exposes all minor deformities here and there, but to in this situation, it brings out the best of it. Remember to block out ALL unnecessary lights!

  1. Props and flowers.

This theme actually makes life easier for decorators, as we already have most of these props in store, and white flowers are generally easier to be found and arranged. Do pay more attention to the table linen though; zebra table linens will be a great boost to your overall look.

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